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Ibercan's portfolio of services is designed around the needs of our clients. Our primary function is to facilitate Spanish and Latin American companies to do business in Canada. Ths means that whether you're a start-up venture or an established company looking for a foothold in the Canadian market, we can help you.

Ibercan's combined experience of over 30 years allows you to confidently base your investment & business decisions on recommendations and research carried out by experts in their field. Once you decide on making the move into the Canadian market, we advise you on the formalities that need to be complied with - both in the legal and the financial arena. We stay with you all along the way. That's the Ibercan way.


Viability Assessment
Not every company has unlimited funds to burn on speculative decisions. And when it comes to the question of expanding into a new market, initial market research becomes critical. You want an accurate feel of the market, the risks it poses and the barriers to entry. More than anything, you want the following question answered - "Should I be there?". Ibercan helps you by conducting professional research in your area of expertise and will provide accurate answers to your most critical questions.
Marketing Research
Once the decision to enter the Canadian market has been made, you will need market intelligence. The numbers representing the size, composition and the demographics take on a whole new meaning when they have been collected, filtered and studied by people who know their business. Ibercan doesn't just deliver numbers to you... It delivers what those numbers mean to you and how they fit into your business and marketing plans.
Developing Alliances
Developing alliances is a key factor when your business plan calls for representation in Canada. This is especially true if you're looking at exporting a product line under your own banner in Canada. Alternatively, if you require contact with the right people for providing logistical support, legal expertise or controlling your overseas operations, Ibercan can be relied upon to draw a list of reputed, reliable companies and individuals for you to select from.
Hospitality Marketing Services Ibercan has the resources and the manpower to assist hotels with their marketing plans. Services include delivering tangible benefits via interaction with decision makers from top 500 Corporations through networking events, representing the property or chain at tradeshows in the US and Canada (sponsored), review of all advertising and online marketing practices, presentation of the service design to Incentive Planners, HR managers and relocation managers.
Visibility Services
Much before your product or services hit the Canadian market, your company will need exposure as an entity. Next , your product would need to be seen in the right light. We have top-of-the-line resources to ensure that your company looks professional in the right circles. Services are available that take care of presentations, press releases, website & online promotions and design of operational collaterals such as brochures, flyers and marketing documentation.


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