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Ibercan is headed by Fernando Ferrer Blasco. Fernando, with his associates offer over 30 years of combined work experience in 4 continents in fields as diverse as hospitality, finance, information technology, retail operations and international trade.

The core team is supported by an array of professionals and freelancers who are called upon on a project basis to lend value to our clients. They are highly trained, certified professionals who we have had years of interaction with. Together, we cover the entire spectrum of services that are needed to provide the level of services that Ibercan provides.

Fernando has over 20 years experience in International Marketing and developing strategic alliances. He has acted on behalf of numerous financial, hospitality and entertainment companies in an advisory capacity and has been the guest speaker at several Universities. He is a Director with the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada. Fernando's finesse lies in understanding the synergies that various corporations can take advantage of while working together.. And he puts this remarkable talent to use to create exceptional value for his clients.

Fernando can be contacted via email at fernando@ibercan.com


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