Welcome to Ibercan Consulting


Welcome to Ibercan Consulting.

Simply put, Ibercan specializes in helping companies enter Canada with a viable business proposition and with full knowledge of the market and how it affects their products and services.

The Canadian market is competitive, yet extremely lucrative. Further, the recent rise in the value of the Canadian Dollar against the US Dollar has made trade with Canada extremely desirable.

However, as like any business venture, risks exist. These need to be identified, understood and factored into the business and marketing plans.

It is in this respect that Ibercan delivers its real value... We examine your project for viability in the Canadian market, provide you with market intelligence to formulate your business plans & forecasts and then go all the way into advising you of the legalities and formalities that need to be complied with to start your venture in Canada.

We stay with you... all along the way. That's the Ibercan way !


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